Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking a few minutes and visiting with me.

So I'm new at this blogging thing. Please work with me here,I guess I'll just get my foot wet. I know this is going to be fun and informative and sprinkled with surprises. What's not to love huh?

There has been so many changes and events going on at Thimbles and Threads. So pretend your at a picnic cuz I'm going to pass you some Catch-up!

We have a New Owner "drum roll please" Leesa. As well as a New Manager, Me,Ok the drum roll can stop now. I do hope you could hear the drums cuz I could! Oh, maybe that was a video being played to loud in the basement. Hummmm....

We have tons of New fabric. Yes, I feel it really is tons because I carried it out front and it felt like tons. My back said it was tons and the packing slips I think referred to the total as tons. So there you have it if Perry Mason were here I think he would testify to Tons! But to be sure....come in and judge for yourselves. Your gonna Looooove it! Oh my gosh and so many more are on their way. It's awesome.

We have had our Open House as well as our Eggstravaganza. Both were way fun and it was Awesome seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. I swear (no I am not confessing here.) I have the BEST JOB EVER! I "Get" to touch fabric ALL Day and "this is the BEST PART" I GET to meet and visit with all of you. WAHOO!!!

I once read that anything that you do that you enjoy doing isn't work. So, we at Thimbles and Threads want to say "Thank You" Because of each of you, we GET to do what we LOVE to do.

Last night we had a "Ladies Night Out" at Thimbles and Threads. Oh my gosh did we have a good time. It was wild and crazy with shopping, project planning, laughing, sharing,visiting with friends and family, finding treasures, selecting new projects,patterns and notions. Truly a night of Fun and Creativity. (Thanks to those of you that were willing to share of the fabric treasures you found.) All of you were so fun to work with. A Special Thanks to Lea Dawn for helping everyone find fabric for their projects as well as putting fabric away. Thanks to Jen for stepping up and cutting fabric for others. Thanks to Kristine for helping out, putting fabric away and taking out empty bolts.

It's Baseball Season. That in mind,with every ones help (you know it's said it takes a village). Together, we hit a home run! Leesa and I had the best time and those of you that were gathered at the back cutting table with Linda....Well let's just say with all the chatter and giggles coming from there....Fun was had by all.

If anyone is wondering if we will do this again? You Betcha! It was waaaaay to fun not to!

Here is a quick Quilt Binding Figuring tip and it really does work.

If you have ever wondered how big the square needs to be to have enough fabric for Bias Binding for a quilt. Well here is the formula. Yes, I will have this for the staff at Thimbles and Threads so we can do the math for you when you need it.

Multiply the number of inches around the quilt by the width of the strips you will be using, then hit the square root key on your calculator (Oh, did I forget to mention we are using a calculator here? We are.) Then add 2 inches. Why the 2 inches you ask? I don't know, I wasn't the figure outer-er. This will give you the size square needed for your binding.
 I don't know who figures this stuff out, but yippee Skippie, I'm glad they did.

Oh my, I do have sew much more to share with you but, it will have to wait.

OK, I didn't just get my foot wet. I jumped in head first and you know what? The water was fine!

Till next time,

Just Me :)

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