Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is Fall in the air?

Hello Everyone,

Ok, so maybe it's just a few days of clouds and a slight drop in the crazy heat we have had but, Is Fall in the air? I seems like Summer came on so fast this year and now I am wondering if Fall will come on the same way. I have a son that would be very happy if that was the case. Fall is his favorite time of year. It does kinda give you that warm cozy homey feeling. What's not to love there huh?

I grew up in the outskirts of Sacramento, California, so for what ever reason people there didn't burn leaves in the fall. But I can tell you when we moved to Idaho, those people did. I can still remember the first time I experienced  that incredible smell. There is something so inviting and rustic about it. Sorta makes you want to curl up with a good book and a quilt. (Might I suggest the Elm Creek Quilt Series.) Back then school in California didn't start until later in September so I was still at my grandmas.( We didn't move to Idaho for a few more years.) It was sort of a drag because all my Idaho friends were in school. Boy oh boy was I happy when the last bell rang and I knew everyone would soon be home to play. In that small quiet town you could hear the final bell from my grandma's house. Yippie! I remember asking my friend Helen what that was I was smelling. It's the smell of leaves burning, everyone is cleaning up their yards for winter, duh. Ok, so I had to make her show me. I know that sounds silly, but it was new to me. Here all these years, we just bagged them up and put them in the trash. Who knew if you set them on fire they would smell so good.

Any way, as Fall approaches, my mind takes me back to a quieter gentler time walking with my dear friend Helen, licking a sucker from her dad's Phillip 66 truck where the sucker stick was a loop and the smell of burning leaves in the air. For me and Helen walking hand in hand swinging our arms and licking those suckers smelling those burning leaves in the air with that barest hint of crispness as evening approached........well for us, life just didn't get better than that.

Till next time,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I hope all of you are enjoying summer.

Hello Everyone,
I hope all of you are enjoying this Summer as much as I am. I know it's been crazy hot and nope I don't like the heat, but it just makes  me enjoy the few (and I mean very few) days of rain. And well Summer is Summer so why not enjoy it while we can.

I wonder if any of you still do canning? I do, and that for me is a lovely piece of summer, although I haven't done any as yet this year.......I still have time and empty bottles. Guess I better get crack-in!

Yesterday, Leesa and I went across the street to the property where the new retreat will be built. Oh how fun was that?  Totally and completely fun, and here is why......

Stepping on to that property was like going back in time. Imagining the history  and the stories, if the house and grounds could talk. I could  almost see the former children playing" Kick the Can and Hide and Go Seek and Red Rover Red Rover" in that yard. There is an old clothes line in the back, golly not to many of us have those any more. I could almost envision my grandma coming out that back door to hang the wash. At my house growing up we always had a dryer, but at my grandma's house through the summer she hung her clothes in the backyard on the line. In the winter, they hung on the line in the basement. I had never seen anyone use a clothesline before. It was sorta mysterious to me, I don't know why. It just was. Grandma taught me how to hang the clothes, and you did it just so.....or she made you redo it! All under garments are to be hung on the middle lines so the neighbors can't see them. She was very strict about that part! Once as a teenager I was at a friends house and they used a clothesline as well,"Well at least in the Summer." to help out, I grabbed the basket of clothes and proceeded to hang the laundry to dry. Her mother was horrified, she stood at the back door and watched with a concerned look on her face. I hung the laundry and came back in. She went out and took a close look at my clothes hanging skills. She came back in and asked where I had learned to hang laundry like that? My grandma taught me, I said. She smiled and said "She taught you well. You can hang my laundry any time!" Who knew there was such a science to it?

There is an old tree stump on the property, that will go as it will be in the way of the new building. But I couldn't help but notice how huge the stump was. I don't know how many adults holding hands in a circle it would take to match the circumference of that trunk!  I didn't count the rings, but my goodness, it has to be a really old tree to be that big!

We went inside the house and shared what each of us thought was worth saving. There are trims and bits and pieces that we both agreed would be nice in the new place. It will just feel good to have some of the original homestead included in the new one. It was fun to share thoughts and ideas with Leesa and feel of her joy in this process as well. She pulled a couple of old drawers from the kitchen to use at the store now.....perfect for displaying fat quarters. She has such an eye for this!

We went out back and walked around the property and found an apricot tree. Yes, we ate some. YUMMMM. I guess that is what got me thinking about canning. That is one yummy smell.  The smell of Apricot jam being made, OK so I need some home made bread to go with it. But what a great little adventure we had, and all we had to do was ......walk across the street.

While I'm here I will share with you some of the new things at Thimbles and Threads. New Quilt Kits and Quilt lines and oh my gosh....A NEW STATLER STITCHER

Isn't this cute? There are coordinates with purses and fun dots....well you will just have to come and see.

This is a line you just have to come and see in person. The folded piece you can see in the picture is a panel and we have a couple of patterns that go with this line that are only $2.00 each.

I just love this Christmas Quilt and I think you will as well!
Ok, so the part I would like you to see most just doesn't show up in this picture, it's the quilting. Come see it in person, the kits should be ready on Thursday and we only have a few.
As you can see, the block of the month is coming right along. If you are interested in joining up, it is not too late. This is a really great way to get a quilt done and if your new to quilting and or piecing, it's perfect. You will be taught just how to do each block. Great for the beginner as well as the master quilter!

I know this doesn't look like much, but when a quilt gets on here, it will have way more significance. Now we at Thimbles and Threads can do edge to edge quilting for you. Say WHAT! Yes your heard it correctly. Did I just hear a Whoop and a Holler? I'm right there with ya!

As you can see, there is always something new to see and fabric to inspire here at Thimbles and Threads.

Maybe just maybe when the new retreat is built....there will be a spot for the old clothesline. After all, I can't let those skills go to waste!

So come on over...... have an Adventure. We're just across the street.

Till next time,