Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I hope your day is going well. It is so beautiful out side today, sorta makes me want to take the computer outside to type. Then I could have a twofer. Being out side and talking to you! As in Micky D's vernacular.....the Full Meal Deal!

Did you know that you can get certified to quilt on a Gammill  long arm at Thimbles and Threads? Well you can, and a lot of people have done just that. It is so much fun to see their end result. I am amazed at how talented these quilters are. Some just barely took the class a week or so ago and are already booking time on the machine. It is AWESOME.

With their permission I am posting pictures. (OK, so I am still a bit excited that I figured out how to post pictures.)

FYI, This is the first time quilting on a long arm for each of these ladies,  we do have a gentleman that comes and quilts as well, and now that I know how to post pictures....I am totally going to get a snapshot of him quilting. He has such a great team effort. His wife sews the quilt and he quilts it!


I would like you to meet Marci Villa. She had a really good time Quilting this darling quilt. Here is a photo of the whole thing!
Dang Cute don't you think?
Now I would like to introduce you to Mari Dean Mines. She came and Quilted the same day as Marci. She quilted a darling flannel baby quilt. I was so impressed when she told me she got certified on the long arms so she can quilt the quilts she makes for charity. Mari Dean, snaps for you.

OK, so it all comes out now....I watch and enjoy the Legally Blonde movies. Enough about is Mari Dean.
See how cute and fun she is. I SEW LOVE MY JOB. You guys are awesome!

Till next time,

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