Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Summer Everyone

Hello Everyone,
Oh my goodness, it feels like forever since we've visited. So grab a drink and maybe even a treat, have a seat and let's catch up!

For those of you that don't know, we are now finally using the POS System. For the most part it is working pretty well now. Big relief!

Shop Hop is over and it was so fun seeing so many of you. If you didn't make it in..... the store broke ground (TA DA) on the first day of Shop Hop. Yep, the watched pot thing worked. Footings are supposed to be poured tomorrow. It's getting more real every day. We were a Quilt Retreat so we got to wear PJ's, who doesn't sew in their PJ's? We played Spin the Bottle for prizes. We had chocolate covered popcorn, it was just fun!
At last ground was broken!

Our quilt was hung on the porch!

So many new fabric lines have come in, it's crazy. We even have the new Halloween lines out. Next month we will have Christmas in July. Can you believe it's time to get started on those projects. Boy time does fly doesn't it? We will also have our class sign ups for Summer and some for Fall.

Even Leesa is hauling it in!

It's been so warm and getting some rain the other day was a real treat. Well it was a treat to me and probably to the plants in my yard. (I am so not good at going out and watering.) I stood outside on the porch here at Thimbles and Threads and just breathed in the fresh air cleaned by the rain. It was awesome. It reminded me of being at my grandmas house in the Summer and sitting out in this old wooden rocking chair in the back yard under a plumb tree. The tree protected you from getting wet, and you could just sit there and daydream and enjoy the summer rain. I loved it! But as the afternoon wore on, grandma would call me inside because her programs ( she always called them "Her programs") would be starting and she needed me to come in and watch because she was afraid she would fall asleep and miss something. So she needed me to let her know what happened. I had never watched a soap opera before. I sure got attached to it with my grandma. She loved the Edge of Night and the Secret Storm.  For those of you that remember this product....Grandma would have me run to the store (I really did run.) to get her Clover Club Corn Crinkles. That was her snack for her "programs". I miss those Corn Crinkles, they were yummy, oh by the way. I don't know why but if you kept them in the freezer they were yummier. Weird huh?

Thanks for taking the time to play catch up with me.
Till next time,

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