Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Maybe you sewed, or visited with friends or family or watched TV or maybe even took time to read a book. Whatever you spent you time on, I hope you enjoyed it!

I finished a quilt top. The one I worked on at Open Sew Night, and I had family over for dinner. So all of that was pretty fun. But for me the best part (almost), was playing with the Flying Screaming Monkeys . Those were pretty darn funny.

What are they you ask? They are small stuffed animal monkeys with capes on, that sorta work like a sling shot. So there are little pockets at the hands that you put your index finger in one pocket and your middle finger in the other pocket and you pull back on the legs (like a sling shot) and let er go. And they scream as they fly. It was crazy funny. I swear, my grandson could shoot it the farthest of all of us. Yup,we had Flying Screaming Monkeys in the trees. (grandson got em down.) Thought it might be best to take that one out side as I did have Flying Screaming  Monkeys flying around my living room!

If you are wondering just where might one find these delightful little gems? They have them on sale all the time. So snatch some up the next time they are running a sale and crack up just like we did!!

I have mentioned how much I have been enjoying the nice warm weather we have been having. And Spring and it staying light longer, and the smell of blossoms in the air, well anyway, wouldn't you just know it.....We have  New Christmas Fabric arriving. We got some last Friday and more arrived today. I haven't even thought of Christmas, still basking in Spring I guess.  But....if you are one of those Early Birds and you wanna get started on your Christmas sewing, Thimbles and Threads is already gearing up.

Speaking of Gearing Up...the New Simmons Folly Class was in full swing on Saturday. It is so fun to see the different color combinations. Each as beautiful as the other. Let me show you some pictures:


These lades were having such a good time and again their blocks were beautiful. As they get a bit further along with their blocks, I will post pictures of the blocks themselves so you all can really see what I mean.

Aren't these cute fabric lines. the top one is the New Bee Happy by Loralie Designs. The next one is Pop Daisy by Adorn it, the third is Magical Memories by Cloth Works , you just can't tell in this picture, but the flowers and leaves etc on this fabric is shaded like how we used to do in Tole Painting.  You gotta come take a look see for yourselves. Awwwwsome.  And last but not least...The darling  Welcome Banner is a sample of new kits that are available at Thimbles and Threads.

Alright maybe next time I will add pictures of the New Christmas fabric. I'm still basking in the essence of Spring and Flying Screaming Monkeys..

Till next time.

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