Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Almost Christmas

Hello Everyone,
Well I don't know about you but, "I hear those Sleigh Bells ringing a tune!". I soooo love all the traditions and smells and magic that Christmas Time brings. Although  I do feel ever so unready for the big day. Yep, I've gotta get crackin!

This is just the best time of the year. My heart swells and I tend to tear up over the kindness of others. The Festival of the Trees was great and my son and I have the best time going each year. Just makes me want to decorate, decorate, decorate! Ok, to help me with this urge, I went down stairs and decorated a table. I felt better. NOW to do it at home!

I've been sewing, have you? I would tell you what I've been sewing but, my kids read this blog and I'm not letting the "Elf" out of the bag!

Some of you have had some interest in the Burlap Stocking I made. We will have some basic instructions written up today. Also we have the lace here for it. Leesa was kind enough to get it while she was in Arizona. Yea!!

We have buttons and fabric and Trims !

My most favorite type of sewing is when I can just create. Make it up as I go. You know how you can see something and then all of a sudden those creative juices start flowing and you start gathering supplies and Ideas keep coming? Well before you know it ....... Wa-La.. presto, Burlap Stocking is made! It doesn't matter if it's a quilt or a garment. Ok, so sometimes the out come is a bit scary. was a really nifty idea. Burlap is soooooo very in this year. And  Sew fun to play with. And here we all thought it was just a gunny sack!

Many of you have seen or possibly own one of the Super Cute USB drives. Mostly we think of using them only if we have an embroidery machine for storing our designs.  But, what a perfect tool for storing quilt patterns or any inspirational sewing, crafting, scrap booking thought we might have.
Way to many times I remember something I have seen on Pinterest and for the life of me, I can't find it when I need it. Sew having a USB drive that looks like sewing is my answer!  Otherwise I was plugging in every darn one I own and that is a hassle! Problem solved. NOW to help solve yours.....We will have these Handy Dandy USB drives. on sale , Reg. $23.99  NOW through Christmas $14.50 each.
My daughter wants the Owl and I want the Tape Measure. Hummmm which one will you choose?

Our Customer Trunk show is still in full force. If you haven't voted as yet, please do. We have some that are running neck and neck, Your vote may just break the tie!

We also have some really fun new fabric lines that have just come in and more coming daily.

There are even ribbons to match the Fabric!
This is the New Adorn it Daisy line in two colorways, Crazy Cute!
This is the She Who Sews line. You can't help but love this group. fun would a project bag be out of this ?
Honky Tonk by Moda. It even has mustache fabric. So very cute.

Lots and lots of NEW Batiks by Jo Morton

This Camping Fabric is Darling. Do you see the Fire Fly's?

We are thinking PINK!

Saturday we will have our NEW class list available. Now's the time to get signed up for our January, February and March classes. We will have a  couple of event Classes as well. The Event Classes are All Day  Classes where you bring your machine and we serve lunch and snacks. We have some new Block of the month classes and beginning quilting classes and advanced quilting classes. Crochet and Knitting, Bias Binding, an adorable project bag, also The Art Quilt Club (this is an on-going class where you learn and try new things, like thread painting and free motion quilting and fabric dyeing and beading and applying paint to fabric, rough edge applique. this is the perfect place to think and play outside the box.) So come on in and grab a list and we'll get you signed up!

Merry Christmas!
Till next time,