Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Oh it is an exciting weekend here at Thimbles and Threads. It's our 1 year anniversary. Boy has that time just flown by us. So to celebrate....come on down and see the store and all the changes that have been made. We are told all the time that the store is completely different than what it used to be. If you get our emails, then you saw the before and after pictures. Amazing.


We have new fabric lines. Two here sitting behind me that I still need to unpack and we just put out two others including and darling new Christmas line that we bought special just for this event and it's 35% off,Yippie Skippy. New Block of the Months to sign up for. Lots of Sales-Sales- Sales. OH and not to be forgotten....Our New Class List is available and there are some really fun projects you won't want to miss out on. One other FYI, Starting in October we will stay open until 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yes some of our classes will be offered in the evening.and of course we will be open for evening shopping on those days as well.

Thimbles And Threads Fall Classes

Now  and most importantly.....This is the weekend for all of us to have our Cake and Eat It Too! Yes, you read that correctly.....New Fabric, New Block of the Months, Sales, New Classes and CAKE! Say Whaaaaat ? That's right. So come on over, we'll be here!

Till next time,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone's day is going well and your Labor Day was well spent. We had a fun sale here at the store. "Now if your on our email list, you already know that. If your not, time to get on it!" :-) So mine was well spent with many of you!

Oh, I wonder who has entered a quilt at the State Fair and who took the Quilt Challenge? Please bring yours in and show us. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say........We wanna see too! With this thought in mind, we want to have a Local Talent Trunk Show here at Thimbles and Threads. Bring your quilt in and we will hang it up downstairs, we will direct everyone downstairs for a walk a round. Whooo  Hooooo......Awesome!

In the next week or so we will have our Fall Class Schedule ready so get prepared for some Fun, Exciting opportunities to come your way. Here is a little sneeky peek:
Come make one of these cute pillows. Learn raw edge applique, couching, how to sew in those pom poms or any outer edge  adding trims. Super fun fall project.
We will have a beginning quilting class that takes you right from the start. Cutting your fabric, sewing that 1/4" seam, measuring correctly etc. This is a start to finish class. When your done you can then proudly say "I know how to do that too!"

We will also have a quilting class for the more advanced quilter, where you will learn new techniques. Paper piecing, needle turn applique, all those fun techniques we tell our selves,"I wanna know how to do that!"

We will have a landscape quilt class, where you will take a photograph and transfer it to fabric. In this class you can make your project truly your own by how much or how little you embellish it.

We also have the "In the Beginning" class, that teaches you Free Motion Quilting on your regular sewing machine. Each month a new technique will be taught. It is amazing what you can do on your own machine. Who-a- thunk? 

So there is your little sampling. Will there be more you ask? You betcha!

Last night after work I cut out a quilt top and I sewed all the center together, tonight I will do the outer borders, they look like candy corn, I think it is really cute. Although I touch fabric all day, it is still fun to go home and create. I did stay up sewing until almost 3 am but it was a really  good time. I think I will add a picture and all of you can see it. Here Goes...
This Quilt is going to the school where my grand kids attend. They will auction it off to raise money for the school. I tried to get a better picture so you could see the center and the outside corners. But when I did, you couldn't see the rest of the quilt. Again, so much for my photography skills!  The center is a embroidered haunted house and the corners are spider webs with a little spider with purple eyes. I hope it does well for the school.

Speaking of pictures, here a re a few of what's new:

This line is crazy cute!

Darling Twill Tape

We also got in the OOH-LALA line.

Yes everyone.....we have BYU  and The University of Utah Flannel!!!!!!! The crowd roars, there is whooping and hollering, the excitement is felt far and wide..........!

Oh, before I close. Guess What? It's Thimbles and Threads 1st Birthday this month. It's hard to believe that a year has passed since Leesa bought the store. But we now have a whole year under our belts and has it ever been exciting. There have been so many changes. Many of you have commented on how the store has changed and how much you love it. Thank You. There are so many more to come. Tuesday evening Leesa and her husband and I went over and over the blue prints for the new building. Oh my goodness is it ever going to be beautiful and spacious and homey. Even seating in front of a fireplace. We all are going to love it! Oh .....and the 100 year old apricot tree will be saved. You bet your bottom dollar, I am making jam from the fruit of that tree. I'll even make bread. We can tell our families we went to Thimbles and Threads for a "Jam Session". It's gonna be awesome!

Till next time,