Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Almost Christmas

Hello Everyone,
Well I don't know about you but, "I hear those Sleigh Bells ringing a tune!". I soooo love all the traditions and smells and magic that Christmas Time brings. Although  I do feel ever so unready for the big day. Yep, I've gotta get crackin!

This is just the best time of the year. My heart swells and I tend to tear up over the kindness of others. The Festival of the Trees was great and my son and I have the best time going each year. Just makes me want to decorate, decorate, decorate! Ok, to help me with this urge, I went down stairs and decorated a table. I felt better. NOW to do it at home!

I've been sewing, have you? I would tell you what I've been sewing but, my kids read this blog and I'm not letting the "Elf" out of the bag!

Some of you have had some interest in the Burlap Stocking I made. We will have some basic instructions written up today. Also we have the lace here for it. Leesa was kind enough to get it while she was in Arizona. Yea!!

We have buttons and fabric and Trims !

My most favorite type of sewing is when I can just create. Make it up as I go. You know how you can see something and then all of a sudden those creative juices start flowing and you start gathering supplies and Ideas keep coming? Well before you know it ....... Wa-La.. presto, Burlap Stocking is made! It doesn't matter if it's a quilt or a garment. Ok, so sometimes the out come is a bit scary. was a really nifty idea. Burlap is soooooo very in this year. And  Sew fun to play with. And here we all thought it was just a gunny sack!

Many of you have seen or possibly own one of the Super Cute USB drives. Mostly we think of using them only if we have an embroidery machine for storing our designs.  But, what a perfect tool for storing quilt patterns or any inspirational sewing, crafting, scrap booking thought we might have.
Way to many times I remember something I have seen on Pinterest and for the life of me, I can't find it when I need it. Sew having a USB drive that looks like sewing is my answer!  Otherwise I was plugging in every darn one I own and that is a hassle! Problem solved. NOW to help solve yours.....We will have these Handy Dandy USB drives. on sale , Reg. $23.99  NOW through Christmas $14.50 each.
My daughter wants the Owl and I want the Tape Measure. Hummmm which one will you choose?

Our Customer Trunk show is still in full force. If you haven't voted as yet, please do. We have some that are running neck and neck, Your vote may just break the tie!

We also have some really fun new fabric lines that have just come in and more coming daily.

There are even ribbons to match the Fabric!
This is the New Adorn it Daisy line in two colorways, Crazy Cute!
This is the She Who Sews line. You can't help but love this group. fun would a project bag be out of this ?
Honky Tonk by Moda. It even has mustache fabric. So very cute.

Lots and lots of NEW Batiks by Jo Morton

This Camping Fabric is Darling. Do you see the Fire Fly's?

We are thinking PINK!

Saturday we will have our NEW class list available. Now's the time to get signed up for our January, February and March classes. We will have a  couple of event Classes as well. The Event Classes are All Day  Classes where you bring your machine and we serve lunch and snacks. We have some new Block of the month classes and beginning quilting classes and advanced quilting classes. Crochet and Knitting, Bias Binding, an adorable project bag, also The Art Quilt Club (this is an on-going class where you learn and try new things, like thread painting and free motion quilting and fabric dyeing and beading and applying paint to fabric, rough edge applique. this is the perfect place to think and play outside the box.) So come on in and grab a list and we'll get you signed up!

Merry Christmas!
Till next time,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Customer Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving ! Turkey day is just around the corner and if your like "HAVE" to remember to get that bird out of the freezer and into the refrigerator so it can thaw in time. I write this now....but will I get sidetracked when I get home? That could be a problem for sure.
 Maybe I need to be like Uncle Billy in "It's a Wonderful life" and tie a string around my finger. But I guess then I would have to remember what the string was for. Life can be full of challenges.........

Not much has happened across the street since we talked last time. We are still waiting for the next approval from Draper City. I'll keep you posted for sure.

Next week the voting starts on our Customer Quilt Show and boy do we have some awesome quilts to display. Just so you know, you will be able to vote on Facebook as well. Come take a look and vote, Crazy Good! A great big SHOUT OUT AND SNAPS, to everyone that entered.

As you can see, Amazing and this is just a sampling. Next week they will be on display and you can come vote! Yippie!

Also, Saturday is support your local Small Business Day. Seeeeeeew ..... We are having a sale. All fabric in the clearance room will be $5.99 or less. Now that's a deal! Perfect time to stock up for Christmas Sewing and Quilt backs. Let's not forget Clearance Room fat quarters are only $1.50 each.

Here's a little tidbit.  If your the cook for Turkey Day you might want to try this..Mashed Potatoes that you can make a couple days in advance. Sure frees up time on Thanksgiving Day. Might I also add, just yummy. The Recipe can be found on line at "The  Pioneer Woman Cooks" just google it. They are called "Perfect Mashed Potatoes". I just pop them in the oven with the rolls and out comes warm potatoey goodness. (That might not be a word, yet you know what I mean.)

Our Winter Class lists are almost ready. We will have them available for our Winter Workshop Saturday December 14,2013. This is a make it take it workshop. We will have a variety of items to make. Great friend / neighbor gift giving. Nancy will be teaching a belt that I know my granddaughters will love and we will have a bracelet that is so darn cute. These will be quick 40 minute classes. Come in after Thanksgiving and get signed up so we will have your kits ready for you! It's gonna be Sew Much Fun  . Kind of a little something for everyone.

Do we have a Kit or a book or notions (maybe your cutting mat needs to be replaced), come on in. Santa's little Elves will help you with your wish list. Then any friend or family  "Husband"can come in and purchase for you. It's a win win. They don't have to second guess and you get just what your little heart desires. Almost as good as a personal shopper....Whew.....far and wide the whispers in the Christmas Air will be "My work here is Done".

Till next time,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Things are happening at Thimbles and Threads!

Hello Everyone,
I hope each of you had a Spooktacular  Halloween. Oh boy now we are on to Turkey Day and for my house we are a-plannin! Who's coming and who brings what, Who don't we want to bring what....just kidding! As new people come into your family it is so fun to enjoy the elements they add to the mix.

If you have been into the store lately you may have noticed the house is now gone across the street.
How do you demo a house? The same way you eat an bite at a time.
Crew cleaning and gathering and stacking bricks.

No Chickens were harmed. All are still accounted for!

Working on the trees.
No House!

Yippie! This means we are getting closer to building the new Store and Retreat. It was amazing to see it coming down and I'm sure a little sad for some as on some levels a land mark . As it was no longer a safe building. The new one will be an incredible homage to the old one. We have saved bits and pieces of the old building to be included in the new one including the brick. When you come by, come on in and we would love to show you the rendering. Life is full of history and change and as quilters we bring that out in our creations. We at Thimbles and Threads will continue to honor the past as we move into the future.

Did all of you get our email on our customer Trunk Show? I sure hope so, but if not here is the skinny:

Customer Quilt Show
Hosted by Thimbles And Threads
November 30th - December 21st
We will have five categories for this show
(Five more categories next show)
1.            My First Quilt - We all started somewhere, how fun to display our first creation.
2.             Snuggliest Quilt - We all have that favorite quilt, the go to quilt to snuggle up in on a cold day or for a late night movie.
3.            What was I thinking Quilt - We’ve all made one or maybe two of these.   Just seemed like a good idea at the time quilt.
4.            Trash to Treasure Quilt - All of us have that one piece of fabric that we were going to discard and then decided….well, I could make a quilt out of it - And we did!
5.            Christmas Quilt - Who doesn’t love a Christmas quilt? Perfect time of year to share yours with the rest of us.

Bring your quilts in to the store between now and November 23, 2013.  Quilts will be hung in our classrooms, judging November 30th through December 14th. 

Show Rules:  Judging will be by the customers - One vote per day, per category, per customer.  Pictures of the quilts will be posted on our face book page with “likes” being counted as a vote.  We will tally the votes and likes to find the winners in each category. 
There will be prizes for the first three places in each category.  The first place winner in each category will win a $50.00 gift certificate towards edge to edge quilting by Thimbles And Threads.    The quilts will be numbered with names withheld until after the judging.  The quilts will be on display with the owner’s names and their placing December 16 through 21st.   Only one quilt per person please.   You could be a Winner…Winner…Winner!

I can hardly wait to see what all of you bring in!

How cute is this fabric line? It is called In Cahoots.
Have you been sorta getting ready for Christmas? I kinda sorta have. Anyway, just a little reminder that we are open late on Tuesday and Thursdays (8:00 pm) through the Holidays. On these evenings we have something different each night on sale. We thought it would help with our Holiday Shopping. So this Thursday night from 6-8 our cutting mats will be on sale for $28.00 regular price is $46.79. These are the nice 24"x36" size.
Just a couple more things to share with all of you.....

 We just got in the NEW Lori Holt book "QUILTY FUN" For those of you that are quilting along with Lori on her blog.

How Scream-in Cute is this Twill Tape? Perfect for Christmas projects.
Here is the latest Cynthia England Book. So many of you came and took the class here learning her technique .She has now combined her landscape quilt technique with quilting . If you are interested, give us a call we are taking orders . Might I just add that the quilts in this book are beautiful. Come take a peek!

I admit I am so totally in the Holiday Spirit. I loved the half a flake of snow I got at my house. I have been entertained by all the Holiday movies on the Hallmark channel . I have been putting the petal to the "Well I think in my case" plastic. Sewing away and loving every minute of it. I finally gave in and turned on the furnace and I didn't care. I think the reason for the skip in my Holiday step is all of you. You make my day and I thank you.

Till next time,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Holiday Hours!!!

Hello Everyone,
I hope all is well with all of you. Have you taken a peek outside at night and seen the amazing full moon! It is kinda spell binding. No wonder we associate it with Halloween. Even in the Summer when you see it coming up over the mountains, every time it makes me think of Fall and Halloween.

As you can tell from the title of this Blog, we have new Holiday Store Hours. We are now open until 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To make it more Fun....we will be offering an in store special  starting this Thursday from 6:00 - 8:00. I will be something different each time. It might be a fabric line or notion or patterns or books. It will be a surprise every Tuesday and Thursday evening. But what a fun way to collect those stocking stuffers or friend gifts or even just keep yourself supplied!

Our classes have started and boy oh boy have we had fun! All of you are so amazing and it is great having you here in a class setting. Our instructors are loving their time with all of you! Please know that some of the classes that have started you could still join and the instructor will catch you up. Some of the classes will be repeated so come in and get your name on the list. Everyone seems to be having the best time in the beginning quilting class and the fabrics that were chosen....well lets just say, I can hardly wait for the show and tell. They will be stunning.

The Art Quilt Class started this last Saturday and beautiful is the only way I can describe it. They will be meeting again this Saturday and if your interested it isn't to late to start.

While I'm at it, there is still room in the class this weekend to make the Buggy Barn Witches quilt. Still great timing for Halloween.

We have .....can you believe it, more new fabric in and it is so darn cute.

Leesa made a quilt out of the Poppy Fabric!

Top and bottom picture are of Moda's NEW Scrumptious line.

Knit or crochet class is taught every month.

New  Modern Noir line...Stunning for sure.

Just to keep you in the loop...they are supposed to be tearing down the house across the street today so we can start the New Building. Yippie-H-Skippy!  I'll post pictures as I get them.

Till Next Time,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ladies Night Out

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are enjoying our Fall season as much as I am. I love the colors and the smells and well just the overall aura.....feeling of Fall. I'm not so sure that I am ready to kick start the Holidays into full gear, but just taking one day at a time is kinda nice, relaxing even. I did decorate my home last night for Halloween/ Fall/ Thanksgiving. It was fun. Pulling out the decorations that haven't been seen for a year and placing them here and there. Remembering when I got them or who made it for me or even reminiscing about when I made certain items. It was fun, plus I was chatting with a great friend on the phone the whole time. Oh my gosh, now that was a really nice evening. You know how you have some friends you can chat with for what seems like forever and even though you might be on the phone for a really long time....when you hang up and look at the clock and realize just how long you've been talking and you come to from the shock of it still know it was time well spent. Well, that was my experience last night. Fun was had by all!

I was called to the phone last week and I had the most interesting and heart warming conversation with a lady named Yevette. We're all friends here so I'll share.

Yevette is from Pennsylvania. She was shopping in a discount store and while looking at a red blazer she found a wallet. She went through the wallet and found one of our Thimbles and Threads punch cards which has our phone number on it. So she called and talked to me and asked me if I would find the owner of the wallet. I said of course . She was so cute and so concerned for the wallet's safety. I assured her I would keep it safe. The wallet arrived last Saturday. I looked up the ladies name on the drivers license through Dex online and the only phone number I found went to a business so no luck there. Her credit union card was in the wallet so on Monday I called her credit union I identified my self  and gave them her account number and asked if it was a current account . I told the credit union lady I didn't want any information other than to know if the account was current. She said it was. I told her this story and  asked her if she wouldn't mind calling the owner of the wallet and letting her know it was safe and that she could pick it up at any time. The credit union lady knew me and said she would make the call. Soon after the phone rang here at work and I spoke to the wallet owner. She could hardly believe her wallet had been found let alone returned to Thimbles and Threads. She said I will come right over and get it and she did. The surprise and gratitude on her face was priceless. I told her Yevette had written her a letter and it was in the package with the wallet. She pulled it out and read the letter. She wanted  to know if there was a way for her to contact Yevette. I said yes, her return address is on the package. She told her story of the events prior to her purse being stolen and how she had had to just let it go and move on or maybe even go on as that is a traumatic event and much was lost in the contents of that purse. As she held that wallet in her hand and looked into my eyes with tears forming and I had tears forming as well, she said " I had to let it go. But this is like getting a piece of myself back." I could just feel how she felt, we had a really good hug and she left.
I think it might be important to share with you the discount store the wallet was found in was in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. What are the odds of it ever being returned.........
Moral of this story:

With all the ick around us, there are still really good people out there, and it doesn't hurt to keep a Thimbles and Threads card in your wallet!

In keeping with the thyme of Good News: Saturday Night from 5:00- 8:00 is "Ladies Night Out"
If you came to the last one, you know it is a great night for sales and fun. We only do this sale twice a year and we try to make it a Goodie!

We have  had more new fabric arrive and boy is it ever cute. Here's a couple of samples:
 This is a New Loralie Designs  Line. The front one is the focus fabric and the other three are acoordinates.
 Is this beautiful or what? Nancy is making a quilt out of this line. I can hardly wait to see it!
Another Christmas line that is so cute and it will be on sale!

Speaking of a little Sneaky Peek. First time ever...we will have Batiks on sale . Wahoo!
Now that is GOOD NEWS.

Just a reminder that Thimbles and Threads is now open until 8 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also don't forget to check out our NEW Classes. We had one tonight and what a cute project. /the pumpkin  pillow using raw edge applique, crazy cute!

Keep up the Good News!

Till next time,

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Oh it is an exciting weekend here at Thimbles and Threads. It's our 1 year anniversary. Boy has that time just flown by us. So to celebrate....come on down and see the store and all the changes that have been made. We are told all the time that the store is completely different than what it used to be. If you get our emails, then you saw the before and after pictures. Amazing.


We have new fabric lines. Two here sitting behind me that I still need to unpack and we just put out two others including and darling new Christmas line that we bought special just for this event and it's 35% off,Yippie Skippy. New Block of the Months to sign up for. Lots of Sales-Sales- Sales. OH and not to be forgotten....Our New Class List is available and there are some really fun projects you won't want to miss out on. One other FYI, Starting in October we will stay open until 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yes some of our classes will be offered in the evening.and of course we will be open for evening shopping on those days as well.

Thimbles And Threads Fall Classes

Now  and most importantly.....This is the weekend for all of us to have our Cake and Eat It Too! Yes, you read that correctly.....New Fabric, New Block of the Months, Sales, New Classes and CAKE! Say Whaaaaat ? That's right. So come on over, we'll be here!

Till next time,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone's day is going well and your Labor Day was well spent. We had a fun sale here at the store. "Now if your on our email list, you already know that. If your not, time to get on it!" :-) So mine was well spent with many of you!

Oh, I wonder who has entered a quilt at the State Fair and who took the Quilt Challenge? Please bring yours in and show us. I believe I can speak for all of us when I say........We wanna see too! With this thought in mind, we want to have a Local Talent Trunk Show here at Thimbles and Threads. Bring your quilt in and we will hang it up downstairs, we will direct everyone downstairs for a walk a round. Whooo  Hooooo......Awesome!

In the next week or so we will have our Fall Class Schedule ready so get prepared for some Fun, Exciting opportunities to come your way. Here is a little sneeky peek:
Come make one of these cute pillows. Learn raw edge applique, couching, how to sew in those pom poms or any outer edge  adding trims. Super fun fall project.
We will have a beginning quilting class that takes you right from the start. Cutting your fabric, sewing that 1/4" seam, measuring correctly etc. This is a start to finish class. When your done you can then proudly say "I know how to do that too!"

We will also have a quilting class for the more advanced quilter, where you will learn new techniques. Paper piecing, needle turn applique, all those fun techniques we tell our selves,"I wanna know how to do that!"

We will have a landscape quilt class, where you will take a photograph and transfer it to fabric. In this class you can make your project truly your own by how much or how little you embellish it.

We also have the "In the Beginning" class, that teaches you Free Motion Quilting on your regular sewing machine. Each month a new technique will be taught. It is amazing what you can do on your own machine. Who-a- thunk? 

So there is your little sampling. Will there be more you ask? You betcha!

Last night after work I cut out a quilt top and I sewed all the center together, tonight I will do the outer borders, they look like candy corn, I think it is really cute. Although I touch fabric all day, it is still fun to go home and create. I did stay up sewing until almost 3 am but it was a really  good time. I think I will add a picture and all of you can see it. Here Goes...
This Quilt is going to the school where my grand kids attend. They will auction it off to raise money for the school. I tried to get a better picture so you could see the center and the outside corners. But when I did, you couldn't see the rest of the quilt. Again, so much for my photography skills!  The center is a embroidered haunted house and the corners are spider webs with a little spider with purple eyes. I hope it does well for the school.

Speaking of pictures, here a re a few of what's new:

This line is crazy cute!

Darling Twill Tape

We also got in the OOH-LALA line.

Yes everyone.....we have BYU  and The University of Utah Flannel!!!!!!! The crowd roars, there is whooping and hollering, the excitement is felt far and wide..........!

Oh, before I close. Guess What? It's Thimbles and Threads 1st Birthday this month. It's hard to believe that a year has passed since Leesa bought the store. But we now have a whole year under our belts and has it ever been exciting. There have been so many changes. Many of you have commented on how the store has changed and how much you love it. Thank You. There are so many more to come. Tuesday evening Leesa and her husband and I went over and over the blue prints for the new building. Oh my goodness is it ever going to be beautiful and spacious and homey. Even seating in front of a fireplace. We all are going to love it! Oh .....and the 100 year old apricot tree will be saved. You bet your bottom dollar, I am making jam from the fruit of that tree. I'll even make bread. We can tell our families we went to Thimbles and Threads for a "Jam Session". It's gonna be awesome!

Till next time,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is Fall in the air?

Hello Everyone,

Ok, so maybe it's just a few days of clouds and a slight drop in the crazy heat we have had but, Is Fall in the air? I seems like Summer came on so fast this year and now I am wondering if Fall will come on the same way. I have a son that would be very happy if that was the case. Fall is his favorite time of year. It does kinda give you that warm cozy homey feeling. What's not to love there huh?

I grew up in the outskirts of Sacramento, California, so for what ever reason people there didn't burn leaves in the fall. But I can tell you when we moved to Idaho, those people did. I can still remember the first time I experienced  that incredible smell. There is something so inviting and rustic about it. Sorta makes you want to curl up with a good book and a quilt. (Might I suggest the Elm Creek Quilt Series.) Back then school in California didn't start until later in September so I was still at my grandmas.( We didn't move to Idaho for a few more years.) It was sort of a drag because all my Idaho friends were in school. Boy oh boy was I happy when the last bell rang and I knew everyone would soon be home to play. In that small quiet town you could hear the final bell from my grandma's house. Yippie! I remember asking my friend Helen what that was I was smelling. It's the smell of leaves burning, everyone is cleaning up their yards for winter, duh. Ok, so I had to make her show me. I know that sounds silly, but it was new to me. Here all these years, we just bagged them up and put them in the trash. Who knew if you set them on fire they would smell so good.

Any way, as Fall approaches, my mind takes me back to a quieter gentler time walking with my dear friend Helen, licking a sucker from her dad's Phillip 66 truck where the sucker stick was a loop and the smell of burning leaves in the air. For me and Helen walking hand in hand swinging our arms and licking those suckers smelling those burning leaves in the air with that barest hint of crispness as evening approached........well for us, life just didn't get better than that.

Till next time,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I hope all of you are enjoying summer.

Hello Everyone,
I hope all of you are enjoying this Summer as much as I am. I know it's been crazy hot and nope I don't like the heat, but it just makes  me enjoy the few (and I mean very few) days of rain. And well Summer is Summer so why not enjoy it while we can.

I wonder if any of you still do canning? I do, and that for me is a lovely piece of summer, although I haven't done any as yet this year.......I still have time and empty bottles. Guess I better get crack-in!

Yesterday, Leesa and I went across the street to the property where the new retreat will be built. Oh how fun was that?  Totally and completely fun, and here is why......

Stepping on to that property was like going back in time. Imagining the history  and the stories, if the house and grounds could talk. I could  almost see the former children playing" Kick the Can and Hide and Go Seek and Red Rover Red Rover" in that yard. There is an old clothes line in the back, golly not to many of us have those any more. I could almost envision my grandma coming out that back door to hang the wash. At my house growing up we always had a dryer, but at my grandma's house through the summer she hung her clothes in the backyard on the line. In the winter, they hung on the line in the basement. I had never seen anyone use a clothesline before. It was sorta mysterious to me, I don't know why. It just was. Grandma taught me how to hang the clothes, and you did it just so.....or she made you redo it! All under garments are to be hung on the middle lines so the neighbors can't see them. She was very strict about that part! Once as a teenager I was at a friends house and they used a clothesline as well,"Well at least in the Summer." to help out, I grabbed the basket of clothes and proceeded to hang the laundry to dry. Her mother was horrified, she stood at the back door and watched with a concerned look on her face. I hung the laundry and came back in. She went out and took a close look at my clothes hanging skills. She came back in and asked where I had learned to hang laundry like that? My grandma taught me, I said. She smiled and said "She taught you well. You can hang my laundry any time!" Who knew there was such a science to it?

There is an old tree stump on the property, that will go as it will be in the way of the new building. But I couldn't help but notice how huge the stump was. I don't know how many adults holding hands in a circle it would take to match the circumference of that trunk!  I didn't count the rings, but my goodness, it has to be a really old tree to be that big!

We went inside the house and shared what each of us thought was worth saving. There are trims and bits and pieces that we both agreed would be nice in the new place. It will just feel good to have some of the original homestead included in the new one. It was fun to share thoughts and ideas with Leesa and feel of her joy in this process as well. She pulled a couple of old drawers from the kitchen to use at the store now.....perfect for displaying fat quarters. She has such an eye for this!

We went out back and walked around the property and found an apricot tree. Yes, we ate some. YUMMMM. I guess that is what got me thinking about canning. That is one yummy smell.  The smell of Apricot jam being made, OK so I need some home made bread to go with it. But what a great little adventure we had, and all we had to do was ......walk across the street.

While I'm here I will share with you some of the new things at Thimbles and Threads. New Quilt Kits and Quilt lines and oh my gosh....A NEW STATLER STITCHER

Isn't this cute? There are coordinates with purses and fun dots....well you will just have to come and see.

This is a line you just have to come and see in person. The folded piece you can see in the picture is a panel and we have a couple of patterns that go with this line that are only $2.00 each.

I just love this Christmas Quilt and I think you will as well!
Ok, so the part I would like you to see most just doesn't show up in this picture, it's the quilting. Come see it in person, the kits should be ready on Thursday and we only have a few.
As you can see, the block of the month is coming right along. If you are interested in joining up, it is not too late. This is a really great way to get a quilt done and if your new to quilting and or piecing, it's perfect. You will be taught just how to do each block. Great for the beginner as well as the master quilter!

I know this doesn't look like much, but when a quilt gets on here, it will have way more significance. Now we at Thimbles and Threads can do edge to edge quilting for you. Say WHAT! Yes your heard it correctly. Did I just hear a Whoop and a Holler? I'm right there with ya!

As you can see, there is always something new to see and fabric to inspire here at Thimbles and Threads.

Maybe just maybe when the new retreat is built....there will be a spot for the old clothesline. After all, I can't let those skills go to waste!

So come on over...... have an Adventure. We're just across the street.

Till next time,