Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Ok I know, I normally wouldn't be here visiting with you just yet. But I can't help it, I just couldn't wait until next week to share this with you. Some of you just might wish you had this this weekend for some nifty project you have in mind, I do!
It's Burlap! Oh my gosh, Burlap is every where. It is being used in almost everything, Bags, Pillows, Flowers, Weddings, Banners you name it.  I saw wedding invitation envelopes made in Burlap.So fun and super cute. Kinda gets your brain racing doesn't it! Can't you just see it pared with Pink or even some of our fun Greys? Add some buttons and trims. Wrapped around guest towels, how about framing some under glass and using a grease pen and making it a memo board. How fun to just cover a bulletin board with it. Can you tell I have been mulling this over for a while?

We ordered this weeks and weeks ago and it finally arrived today. As soon as I opened it, I just had to share the excitement that it had arrived. Wahoo!!!!!!

So come on over and get some. Your gonna love it! Ohhhh and I wanna see what you made with it.

Till next time,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Everyone,
So much has gone on around here since we last visited. Time to grab a snack or a cool drink and lets visit for a while.

Well first and foremost, Shop Hop has just ended. We worked hard to replace nearly every quilt in the store with a new one. So if perchance you didn't make it in, come see. Whew.......boy oh boy did we have a good time! It was so great to see so many of you as you came in and we got to touch base a bit. Awesome! Everyone was so fun to work with and the show and tells are always welcome. Weren't this years Shop Hop pins cute? Kinda makes me excited in advance for next years pin. Oh yea, I am totally starting a collection.

The trunk show down stairs was so inspiring and it was so great to have the Designer here "Krisanne Watkins" to visit with and tap into her inspiration . As well as Jen Hinwood who has taught the landscape quilt class, was also available for sign ups on her Art Quilt Class, as well as to answer questions. We still have "Oh My Bloomin' Threads" trunk show here. The Trails Out West quilt is amazing. Her "Ronene Wilkinson" Halloween Quilts are so darn cute, I just want to make them all!
Also, we still have a trunk show from Adorn It. Crazy Cute stuff.

Not to be out done...but there were a couple of cuties doing long arm quilting as well. How fun is that? A mother daughter team, now that's the best!

We had Rebus's posted throughout the store. Did you figure them all out? A few had me scratching my head for sure.

Those of you that played Trader's Dice (by the sound of the laughter) had waaaaay to much fun! I heard terms like Vegas and what happens at this table stays at this table! It was clear you all enjoyed your dealers "Dan, Heidy and Lea Dawn". Well under the circumstances, possibly I should keep their names under wraps. For future reference we will go with "Fred, Wilma and Betty". For their sakes I won't divulge who was who.:-)

In the middle of all this we had more fabric arrive. So you know that we will be having Christmas in July before we know it. Those of you that bought the Ultimate Marking Pencil, I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do. Did I just hear some of you say you forgot to pick one up? No worries, we have more. Come get one, you will love it!  I heard a couple of ladies that bought the Traders Dice game were going to play it with their grand kids using candy, now that can only be a wild and crazy time.  Here I was only thinking of Quilt Guilds wanting it for their Guild meetings. See how smart you guys are, you think outside of the box. Smart Cookies. I think we have maybe 8 of those left if you would like one come see us. I think it would be great fun at a reunion, OK so now my mind is thinking up all kinds of fun ways to play this game. Lets recalculate we have maybe 7 left (heee heee, I need one.) If you need a reminder on how the game is played....just ask for Fred, Wilma or Betty! They would be super happy to remind you.

Just a little reminder that Friday is Open Sew  and that is always a good time!

Till next time,