Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello Everyone,
I hope all of you had a great Christmas and I hope this New Year will prove to be the best ever for all of us!

Life at my house was loud and crazy. Well at least during the times we were all together that is. I laughed when my grandson came in the kitchen to escape the mayhem of his mom and uncles. I reminded him when he and his sisters get older they will be the same way. He smiled and said "I know!" We both laughed. You know how it is when you get with friends and family and you all start reminiscing. Oh my gosh , now that is when the fun begins! You know what? This is also the time when the secrets come out. All the details that were supposed to be kept from mom........yep, I learn all kinds of stuff at these little get togethers!

Things are happening across the street with the new building. Only it's not the things you can see. Still mucking through the red tape. We really hope and plan to start digging next month. When it happens I will post pictures for sure!

It's crazy to think that in a week or so we will be back to Shop Hop Planning for this year. I for one am super excited! I do love Shop Hop. Some of the customers that come through live far enough away that once a year is all we get to see them. So I get really excited knowing that time will be here soon and we can catch up! All of us quilters get to become such great friends don't we......

Last night was open sew and we had the best time! Yep, we were here super late but who cares? Good food, great company and lots of laughing, story telling, sewing and sharing. Doesn't get any better than that!!!!!

Classes here at Thimbles and Threads have started with more to follow. If you haven't signed up, now's the time. Check out the website, the list is there including pictures.

We have several new lines in including some great jelly rolls.
Moda Front Porch . I totally love this line. I can hardly wait for it to come in.  The Heart and Home book shown in the picture is perfect for this group.

How cute is the Downton Abby fabric?  This group is such a keeper! I don't even watch the show, but now I will!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you can't help but love this fabric!

Look how cute this banner is. We even have a class available. 

Here is the new Adorn it line in both color ways.

  I sure hope all of you have a great weekend and find some time to SEW!

Till next time,