Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello Everyone,
I hope all is going well for all of you. If perchance you haven't been out side today, you just have to do it! Ok, so right now zip outside and take a deep breath and suck in all that fresh air. I'll wait right here for you..........."Toe tapping as I wait"...........In the summer time when the weather is fine you can......Ah Haw. See what I meant. Aren't you just glad I made you, nudged you, pushed you out side. It's just one of those days you don't want to miss. Oh yea, I am soooo your friend. Plus I waited for you. Cuz that's just what I do. :)

Oh, Watson Laboratories drew the name of the winner of the quilt. Remember we took donations for Primary Children's Hospital and you got a ticket and they drew from those tickets. Well, drum roll please......Jonna Crump was the winner! Ta Da. Plus she got her ticket right here at Thimbles and Threads. That cute quilt helped raise over $3000.00. Isn't that great? Wanna see her Picture? Okey Dokey.
She was so excited. She said she never wins anything. Well not any more because she was a winner, winner, winner! Super congrats to her. Snaps.

We just got in another new fabric line today and it is adorable. Black, white, yellow, grey and cute all over. Here is a peek.
This is a sampling. There are 17 bolts in this line so plenty to choose from. As you can see there is more on the right around the corner. I have gotta find some where nifty to display this. Cuz it's screaming cute! Ahhhhhhhhh I need some. Work with me do you!

Next week we will be going to Quilt Market in Portland. Yippie, I am looking forward to this and finding treasures to bring back and share with all of you. New patterns and notions and fabric and well you know. Just more fun stuff to share.

FYI Thimbles and Threads has some great ideas for Mother's Day. So come on in.

Till next time. Oh and I will have all kinds of nifty stuff to share about Quilt Market. Oh golly, Shop Hop is just around the corner and Leesa and I have been putting together our Wall Hanging and think-in it will be a must have, plus you will get the pattern for free at Shop Hop. Bonus!