Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Oh Boy, another beautiful day. Ya gotta love this lovely Spring weather. My son is in California on a vacation and I had a little weather envy when he told me it was 80 degrees in San Francisco. But, we may not have 80 degrees, no matter, still beautiful, and I for one am loving it. If only we could all get together and take a walk and suck in this fresh air. "We could do a Spring Cleaning on our lungs." Wouldn't that be fun? Alright, I admit, we need a destination. A goal if you will......I'm thinking the Ice Berg in Draper (short walk) or maybe even Baskin Robins in Sandy, (Waaaay long walk). Hummmm, it just might be possible instead of a destination, I am looking for a "reward" for my walking efforts. Nah, that couldn't be it.

On Saturday the Simmons Folly class was in full swing. Now , don't feel like you missed your class if you didn't know about it. This is the class that had been going for a long time. Not the new one that has just been starting.

I wanted to show you some pictures of their progress. Beautiful for sure. It is hard to believe that this only takes a 5x7 hoop.

Please say Hello to Claudine. The upper picture is of one of her blocks and the lower one is of Claudine doing the Stitch Building on one of her blocks. Can you see the cool thread stand she is using? Her husband  made it for her. Pretty great huh? I have had the pleasure to meet her husband and you know what......he really is pretty great. He also restores antique cars in his spare time. They totally are the cutest couple!

Now I would like you to meet Lana. See the outer ring she is sewing on her block?  She is also doing her stitch building. I really had no intention of all but beheading her in this photo. I was so trying to capture her block so you all could see it, that it cropped her poor little head. I guess I have learned how to post a picture. Now I should focus on how to take the picture.....OOPS.

Meet Gail the instructor (the one on the right with the boo boo arm. Really it was her shoulder she had surgery on.) and Ann on the left. I should have taken a better shot of Ann's block so you could see how different and beautiful it is compared to the other equally stunning ones being made in this class. Ann also is doing an amazing job and her quilt will be stunning. Somewhere and no I didn't hunt him down, Ann's husband was here also. Maybe at another class I can get a snap shot of him so all of you can meet him. He has the best sense of humor and he sings!

Another reminder that Shop Hop is coming and all the stores have all kinds of fun planned.

Till next time,

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