Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My mom would have called it "Playing Possom"

Hello Everyone,
Spring is soooo in the air, you can almost taste it. It has been pretty warm in the store and we have been opening the door to help cool it down.  Gosh, even this last weekend at home I had the windows open. It was really nice. Even the icky tree in my backyard is leafing out as well as the bush in the corner that my son keeps trying to kill. (Whacks the darn thing down to almost nothing, thinking oh darn.....I've over done it this time and killed it! But no, it just grows back in no time.) Well it is leafing out as well. Fair to say....Spring has sprung! Ohhhh and while I was outside taking the picture (below) of the ever deepening hole. It smelled so fragrant outside. All the Spring blossoms, yummy. I noticed the neighbor had laundry hanging out on the line. A sure sign of Spring! I would have taken a picture but I thought they might think it was weird that someone was taking a picture of their laundry ,or worse , who the weirdo was that was taking a picture of their laundry.

Ok, work with me here. I've kept my promise...... I have barely kept a teeny weeny bear peek of an eye on the building site across the street. Well.....did you read the email that just went out? Yes, real digging should be happening very soon! I think my strategy is working.......Just sayin. I know there hasn't been any back hoes over there. But see for yourself. It seems a little deeper to me. I sorta thought the guy that did the work in the fall left it a bit flatter than this.

See what I mean, Still feels like diggings been happening. I know it's hopeful thinking on my part but I just can't help it!  Sorta kinda makes you feel like dancing! (But privately... The watched pot issue is still in effect.)
See how cute this quilt is? Guess's not even for a child. This very quilt was made for an adult.Really now,  how darn cute is it?

This is Ladies Album by Moda. I just love it! I looked up the history behind Ladies Album Quilting and it was fascinating. I want to make quilts with my friends and sign them and write messages too!

This is the NEW Red Rooster line that depicts all the seasons. Here is a panel with tons of coordinates that you will be able to have the best time with.  The coloration is amazing. 
What can I say.......? This entire line is so currant and fun. From quilts to bags to skirts to room decorating. With so many different bolts/designs to choose from, it just Screams Happy!
   Till next time,