Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello Everyone,
I just thought I would send out a quick list on our classes at Thimbles and Threads. Sometimes reading the classes is better than being told what they are, let alone trying to remember each one and the times and costs etc. So here goes:

Thimbles and Threads Classes

Bow Tuck Purse   Taught by Jody Ray

May 9th From 6-9
Cost: $18.00
Everyone loves a Bow Tuck purse. Cute with lots of pockets inside and you get to choose the fabric and be the Master of your own creation.

Simmons Folly   Taught by Gail Rokus

4th Saturday of every month. From 10-5,
Cost $25.00 each month
If you own  an embroidery machine and really want to learn how to use it and learn perfect placement. This class is for you.  Gail has devised a method that will put your multi hooping “Spot on”. You know how we try to avoid multi hooping, not any more with her method. Any embroidery machine works. You just need to have a hoop size of 5x7. Plus, the finished product is stunning.

Simmons Folly  Taught by Gail Rokus

3rd Saturday of every month from 10-5
Cost $25.00
This is the class that has been going on for several months now.  The other one is for those that are just starting.
In the Beginning Sampler Quilt   Taught by Gail Rokus
May 11    From 10-5 (10 month class)
Cost $20.00 per month
Want to learn Free Motion Quilting on your Domestic (regular) sewing machine? Well here is your chance. You will learn ; stippling, feathers, ruler work, stenciling. As well as all the tips and tricks for successful results.

Scrappy Happy    Taught by  Kathie Sadler

May 16   From 5-7
Cost $15.00
Do you love to Sew and or Quilt? If you do then you know how you end up with all these leftover bits and pieces of fabric. They build up and build up and yet we just can’t part with them.  What are you going to do……can’t throw them out. This quilt is the answer. All kinds of scraps and memories go into this one. Even if you are a beginner and this is your first try…..Perfect.
Animal Applique   Taught by  Kristine Webb
May 24  From 11-3    Or May 25   From 1-5
Cost  $25.00  plus pattern and materials
Here is your chance to learn Needle Turn Applique. And work with Batiks, well now were talking! In this class you will learn the ins and outs of piecing and needle turn applique. Don’t forget the tips and tricks that go along with this quilting technique will be shared as well.

3 B’s of Quilting    Taught by Kathie Sadler

May 10   From 5-7
Cost  $15.00
This class is all about Borders  “How do you measure to keep your borders from being wavy.” Bindings “ Here you will learn the steps to that beautiful hand sewn binding and you won’t see the stitches!” Backs  “ How much do you need, how to cut your leftovers and piece them in to save fabric and get your back ready?” Oh yea, Kathie has your Back! (ok, I couldn’t resist that one.)

Chunk of the Month   Taught by Cheryl Wallin

1st Saturday of each month @ 10 am. (6 month class).
Cost:  Pattern, First month and the last two months plus your focus fabric.
This is a beautiful quilt and you choosing you own focus fabric truly makes it your own. We provide the rest of the fabric needed for your block. You don’t make just one block per month, you will make a chunk of the quilt top per month. This class is instructional, your sewing is done at home.

Block of the Month   Taught by Everybody's Favorite Teacher

First Saturday of each month @ 1:00 and 1:30
Cost   $85.00 includes book and fabric
This year we are doing our Quilt out of the brand new book El’s Kitchen. The fabric line we have chosen is Avalon by Moda. Each month you will learn how to do the next block and as long as you have finished your last month’s block, and you attend the class and bring your finished block to class, you will get your next block for free. The fabric is beautiful and the quilt is sooooo cute. You will also get tips and tricks and a few giggles as well. This is a 30 minute class.

Landscape Quilts         Taught by Jen Hinwood

Class   May 4th or June 1st
 From 10 am – 5 pm
Cost $50.00
This is an all-day Event where you will be taught this unique technique on paper piecing. Then everyone will make the same design (fabric and design will be provided). Then everyone will make the pattern of their choice. This class has to be paid for in advance as lunch will be catered. Snacks will also be provided. You will bring your sewing machine and the fabric of your choice and your pattern. In this class you won’t just be piecing, you will be creating a work of art!

Lone Star Quilt    Taught by Gail Rokus

May 10 From 10-5
Cost $60.00
Have you ever looked at the Lone Star Quilts and thought…That’s beautiful, but way too hard for me to do. Well not any more. Gail will show you how to make this quilt in the easiest way possible and all your seams will line up perfectly and no cutting out of those pesky diamonds. Also the use of the Accu- cutter will be provided. Yes, stripping is involved. Strip Piecing that is. More fun fast quilting techniques to learn

Till next time,

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Maybe you sewed, or visited with friends or family or watched TV or maybe even took time to read a book. Whatever you spent you time on, I hope you enjoyed it!

I finished a quilt top. The one I worked on at Open Sew Night, and I had family over for dinner. So all of that was pretty fun. But for me the best part (almost), was playing with the Flying Screaming Monkeys . Those were pretty darn funny.

What are they you ask? They are small stuffed animal monkeys with capes on, that sorta work like a sling shot. So there are little pockets at the hands that you put your index finger in one pocket and your middle finger in the other pocket and you pull back on the legs (like a sling shot) and let er go. And they scream as they fly. It was crazy funny. I swear, my grandson could shoot it the farthest of all of us. Yup,we had Flying Screaming Monkeys in the trees. (grandson got em down.) Thought it might be best to take that one out side as I did have Flying Screaming  Monkeys flying around my living room!

If you are wondering just where might one find these delightful little gems? Woot.com. They have them on sale all the time. So snatch some up the next time they are running a sale and crack up just like we did!!

I have mentioned how much I have been enjoying the nice warm weather we have been having. And Spring and it staying light longer, and the smell of blossoms in the air, well anyway, wouldn't you just know it.....We have  New Christmas Fabric arriving. We got some last Friday and more arrived today. I haven't even thought of Christmas, still basking in Spring I guess.  But....if you are one of those Early Birds and you wanna get started on your Christmas sewing, Thimbles and Threads is already gearing up.

Speaking of Gearing Up...the New Simmons Folly Class was in full swing on Saturday. It is so fun to see the different color combinations. Each as beautiful as the other. Let me show you some pictures:


These lades were having such a good time and again their blocks were beautiful. As they get a bit further along with their blocks, I will post pictures of the blocks themselves so you all can really see what I mean.

Aren't these cute fabric lines. the top one is the New Bee Happy by Loralie Designs. The next one is Pop Daisy by Adorn it, the third is Magical Memories by Cloth Works , you just can't tell in this picture, but the flowers and leaves etc on this fabric is shaded like how we used to do in Tole Painting.  You gotta come take a look see for yourselves. Awwwwsome.  And last but not least...The darling  Welcome Banner is a sample of new kits that are available at Thimbles and Threads.

Alright maybe next time I will add pictures of the New Christmas fabric. I'm still basking in the essence of Spring and Flying Screaming Monkeys..

Till next time.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Oh Boy, another beautiful day. Ya gotta love this lovely Spring weather. My son is in California on a vacation and I had a little weather envy when he told me it was 80 degrees in San Francisco. But, we may not have 80 degrees, no matter, still beautiful, and I for one am loving it. If only we could all get together and take a walk and suck in this fresh air. "We could do a Spring Cleaning on our lungs." Wouldn't that be fun? Alright, I admit, we need a destination. A goal if you will......I'm thinking the Ice Berg in Draper (short walk) or maybe even Baskin Robins in Sandy, (Waaaay long walk). Hummmm, it just might be possible instead of a destination, I am looking for a "reward" for my walking efforts. Nah, that couldn't be it.

On Saturday the Simmons Folly class was in full swing. Now , don't feel like you missed your class if you didn't know about it. This is the class that had been going for a long time. Not the new one that has just been starting.

I wanted to show you some pictures of their progress. Beautiful for sure. It is hard to believe that this only takes a 5x7 hoop.

Please say Hello to Claudine. The upper picture is of one of her blocks and the lower one is of Claudine doing the Stitch Building on one of her blocks. Can you see the cool thread stand she is using? Her husband  made it for her. Pretty great huh? I have had the pleasure to meet her husband and you know what......he really is pretty great. He also restores antique cars in his spare time. They totally are the cutest couple!

Now I would like you to meet Lana. See the outer ring she is sewing on her block?  She is also doing her stitch building. I really had no intention of all but beheading her in this photo. I was so trying to capture her block so you all could see it, that it cropped her poor little head. I guess I have learned how to post a picture. Now I should focus on how to take the picture.....OOPS.

Meet Gail the instructor (the one on the right with the boo boo arm. Really it was her shoulder she had surgery on.) and Ann on the left. I should have taken a better shot of Ann's block so you could see how different and beautiful it is compared to the other equally stunning ones being made in this class. Ann also is doing an amazing job and her quilt will be stunning. Somewhere and no I didn't hunt him down, Ann's husband was here also. Maybe at another class I can get a snap shot of him so all of you can meet him. He has the best sense of humor and he sings!

Another reminder that Shop Hop is coming and all the stores have all kinds of fun planned.

Till next time,

Hello Everyone,

Well it's a bit rainy today but.....April showers bring May flowers. So I'm thinking it's a great day to hunker down and sew.  Wouldn't it be great if we could have a rule that states any time there is inclement weather, we get "oops" HAVE to sew. And every one understands that. No questions asked, just the understanding......moisture in the air of any kind and we go to our sewing room, chair, corner.  Which ever applies and sew. Also, browsing sewing books, magazines, patterns and watching sewing shows on TV or the Internet counts as sewing. We all know it IS part of the sewing process. I would concede that boiling a lot of water and or running the shower with hot water thus creating steam and moisture in the air doesn't count. (Unless, of course you can pull that one off.)

I am raising my had to make that motion, do I have a second?........All in favor ........Oh I do believe we will not be singing "Rain Rain Go Away" any more. Bring it on!!!!!!

Speaking of sewing. We had Open Sew Night last Friday night and again it was such a fun time. It was Sew great to have new people join in the fun.

The Show and Tell was Awesome. Yep, I am posting pictures cuz we all know, I know how now. "As you can tell, I am still not over the joy of figuring  "That" out. I am still jumping up and down at the top of the stairs. WaHoo."

Beautiful....don't you agree?

This morning my daughter called. She is in my ever-so- humble opinion. The cutest non sewer out there. To tell me she was sorry she didn't make it to Open Sew Night. She came last time," she got a quilt top made." Oh yea, she knows a good time when she has had one! I kinda, sorta think she just might be a quilter after all! Yippie.

As you can see. Some really awesome projects were created and started and finished. We had loads of fun, laughter, food....(We need fortification to keep sewing!) Speaking of that, I promised I would put the recipe in this blog for the Taco Soup I made.  Super easy to make, yet freakishly yummy.So here goes......

Saute the following:

1 lb ground beef                             1 medium onion, chopped
salt and pepper to taste.  Add:
1 can kidney beans drained (I prefer 1 can pinto beans drained and 1 can drained small great northern white beans.)
1 can corn undrained                      1 small can tomato sauce       
1 can (28 oz.) tomatoes, I use a quart of home bottled tomatoes.
1 pkg taco seasoning

Simmer several hours. We like it served with Frito's and grated cheese.

Guess who showed up to quilt on the long arm? Glen. Hes does a great job. He used a new pantograph this time that he said he really enjoyed using. Well I must agree because his quilt sure was cute. See for your selves....

OK, so he hid behind it. Oh but there is more...

We got him to come out!

A little close up of the design he chose. See how he does such a great job.

I told ya, I told ya, so now I've gone and showed ya!!!!!! I know your all saying "I wanna do that too."
Well....come get certified and you will be doing that.

Just a thought, or maybe this is called a truism.

"Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine"

On that note.

Till next time,


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I hope your day is going well. It is so beautiful out side today, sorta makes me want to take the computer outside to type. Then I could have a twofer. Being out side and talking to you! As in Micky D's vernacular.....the Full Meal Deal!

Did you know that you can get certified to quilt on a Gammill  long arm at Thimbles and Threads? Well you can, and a lot of people have done just that. It is so much fun to see their end result. I am amazed at how talented these quilters are. Some just barely took the class a week or so ago and are already booking time on the machine. It is AWESOME.

With their permission I am posting pictures. (OK, so I am still a bit excited that I figured out how to post pictures.)

FYI, This is the first time quilting on a long arm for each of these ladies,  we do have a gentleman that comes and quilts as well, and now that I know how to post pictures....I am totally going to get a snapshot of him quilting. He has such a great team effort. His wife sews the quilt and he quilts it!


I would like you to meet Marci Villa. She had a really good time Quilting this darling quilt. Here is a photo of the whole thing!
Dang Cute don't you think?
Now I would like to introduce you to Mari Dean Mines. She came and Quilted the same day as Marci. She quilted a darling flannel baby quilt. I was so impressed when she told me she got certified on the long arms so she can quilt the quilts she makes for charity. Mari Dean, snaps for you.

OK, so it all comes out now....I watch and enjoy the Legally Blonde movies. Enough about that....here is Mari Dean.
See how cute and fun she is. I SEW LOVE MY JOB. You guys are awesome!

Till next time,

Hi Everyone,

I don't think I've mentioned that Thimbles and Threads is a proud sponsor of the 1 Million Pillow Case Challenge. Being involved in this experience is nothing but heart warming and totally gratifying.

Each month during Open Sew Thimbles and Threads donates the fabric to be sewn into pillow cases for this worthy cause. But, I just wanted to take a moment to focus on two Crazy Cute and totally adorable Pillow Case Makers.

Wala, (OK, so I now feel like Rocky at the top of the stairs, arms above my head and jumping up and down. I figured out how to post a picture!!!!)

Like I said, "Crazy Cute". They brought in these pillow cases that they made and  Donated them to the 1 Million Pillow Case Challenge. I don't know why exactly, but we were all just a little teary eyed. They were "Sew Sweet" and their mom was so cute bringing them in. Well you know how you feel when your kids do the Right thing. Any way, we got to share in that whole moment and it was AWESOME.

Sorta explains the tears of joy don't you think?

Till next time,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Do you get together with friends and sew on a regular basis? Well I sure hope you do, because it is super fun. Nothing like good friends, good food and the icing on the cake......Sewing.

I went last night to sew with friends. They get together as least once a week, OK, so I don't get there that often, but when I do it is the best time ever! I didn't sew but I did get a quilt all cut out "BONUS". For me the cutting is the worst part, it's the sewing and pressing and watching it come together, that I love most. Truth be told.....the binding is my least favorite part of the process and yes I still do it by hand. (My daughter would call that OLD SCHOOL).

My friend Sandy crocheted around a flannel blanket that is a baby shower gift. This was on her " I Darn Well Better Get This Done List." Roseo was piecing her first quilt EVER! Rhoda and Debra got a quilt loaded on the long arm for quilting. Debra made it and was it ever cute. I totally need to figure out how to add pictures to this blog so I can share with you. Rhoda showed us a quilt she just finished quilting, Oh My...Beautiful. The quilt I cut out will be finished and on display at Thimbles and Threads. Leesa didn't come, but we are on a quest to get her with us.

Now you might be saying to yourselves.."I wanna sew with friends too." OH, and trust me here......you should be saying that to yourselves.

Come on over to Thimbles and Threads the third Friday of every month and come sew with us for FREE . We have the best time. Bring your friends, come make new ones. Around here, your only NEW once. After that, your family. We eat, we laugh, we sew, we share. It's just what we do.

OH, FYI. If you haven't tried Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies and Cinnamon Jelly Bellies. Give it a try. Yummmmmm. Plus, eat them together. Another Yummmmmm .

Till next time,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking a few minutes and visiting with me.

So I'm new at this blogging thing. Please work with me here,I guess I'll just get my foot wet. I know this is going to be fun and informative and sprinkled with surprises. What's not to love huh?

There has been so many changes and events going on at Thimbles and Threads. So pretend your at a picnic cuz I'm going to pass you some Catch-up!

We have a New Owner "drum roll please" Leesa. As well as a New Manager, Me,Ok the drum roll can stop now. I do hope you could hear the drums cuz I could! Oh, maybe that was a video being played to loud in the basement. Hummmm....

We have tons of New fabric. Yes, I feel it really is tons because I carried it out front and it felt like tons. My back said it was tons and the packing slips I think referred to the total as tons. So there you have it if Perry Mason were here I think he would testify to Tons! But to be sure....come in and judge for yourselves. Your gonna Looooove it! Oh my gosh and so many more are on their way. It's awesome.

We have had our Open House as well as our Eggstravaganza. Both were way fun and it was Awesome seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones. I swear (no I am not confessing here.) I have the BEST JOB EVER! I "Get" to touch fabric ALL Day and "this is the BEST PART" I GET to meet and visit with all of you. WAHOO!!!

I once read that anything that you do that you enjoy doing isn't work. So, we at Thimbles and Threads want to say "Thank You" Because of each of you, we GET to do what we LOVE to do.

Last night we had a "Ladies Night Out" at Thimbles and Threads. Oh my gosh did we have a good time. It was wild and crazy with shopping, project planning, laughing, sharing,visiting with friends and family, finding treasures, selecting new projects,patterns and notions. Truly a night of Fun and Creativity. (Thanks to those of you that were willing to share of the fabric treasures you found.) All of you were so fun to work with. A Special Thanks to Lea Dawn for helping everyone find fabric for their projects as well as putting fabric away. Thanks to Jen for stepping up and cutting fabric for others. Thanks to Kristine for helping out, putting fabric away and taking out empty bolts.

It's Baseball Season. That in mind,with every ones help (you know it's said it takes a village). Together, we hit a home run! Leesa and I had the best time and those of you that were gathered at the back cutting table with Linda....Well let's just say with all the chatter and giggles coming from there....Fun was had by all.

If anyone is wondering if we will do this again? You Betcha! It was waaaaay to fun not to!

Here is a quick Quilt Binding Figuring tip and it really does work.

If you have ever wondered how big the square needs to be to have enough fabric for Bias Binding for a quilt. Well here is the formula. Yes, I will have this for the staff at Thimbles and Threads so we can do the math for you when you need it.

Multiply the number of inches around the quilt by the width of the strips you will be using, then hit the square root key on your calculator (Oh, did I forget to mention we are using a calculator here? We are.) Then add 2 inches. Why the 2 inches you ask? I don't know, I wasn't the figure outer-er. This will give you the size square needed for your binding.
 I don't know who figures this stuff out, but yippee Skippie, I'm glad they did.

Oh my, I do have sew much more to share with you but, it will have to wait.

OK, I didn't just get my foot wet. I jumped in head first and you know what? The water was fine!

Till next time,

Just Me :)