Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello Everyone,
I just thought I would send out a quick list on our classes at Thimbles and Threads. Sometimes reading the classes is better than being told what they are, let alone trying to remember each one and the times and costs etc. So here goes:

Thimbles and Threads Classes

Bow Tuck Purse   Taught by Jody Ray

May 9th From 6-9
Cost: $18.00
Everyone loves a Bow Tuck purse. Cute with lots of pockets inside and you get to choose the fabric and be the Master of your own creation.

Simmons Folly   Taught by Gail Rokus

4th Saturday of every month. From 10-5,
Cost $25.00 each month
If you own  an embroidery machine and really want to learn how to use it and learn perfect placement. This class is for you.  Gail has devised a method that will put your multi hooping “Spot on”. You know how we try to avoid multi hooping, not any more with her method. Any embroidery machine works. You just need to have a hoop size of 5x7. Plus, the finished product is stunning.

Simmons Folly  Taught by Gail Rokus

3rd Saturday of every month from 10-5
Cost $25.00
This is the class that has been going on for several months now.  The other one is for those that are just starting.
In the Beginning Sampler Quilt   Taught by Gail Rokus
May 11    From 10-5 (10 month class)
Cost $20.00 per month
Want to learn Free Motion Quilting on your Domestic (regular) sewing machine? Well here is your chance. You will learn ; stippling, feathers, ruler work, stenciling. As well as all the tips and tricks for successful results.

Scrappy Happy    Taught by  Kathie Sadler

May 16   From 5-7
Cost $15.00
Do you love to Sew and or Quilt? If you do then you know how you end up with all these leftover bits and pieces of fabric. They build up and build up and yet we just can’t part with them.  What are you going to do……can’t throw them out. This quilt is the answer. All kinds of scraps and memories go into this one. Even if you are a beginner and this is your first try…..Perfect.
Animal Applique   Taught by  Kristine Webb
May 24  From 11-3    Or May 25   From 1-5
Cost  $25.00  plus pattern and materials
Here is your chance to learn Needle Turn Applique. And work with Batiks, well now were talking! In this class you will learn the ins and outs of piecing and needle turn applique. Don’t forget the tips and tricks that go along with this quilting technique will be shared as well.

3 B’s of Quilting    Taught by Kathie Sadler

May 10   From 5-7
Cost  $15.00
This class is all about Borders  “How do you measure to keep your borders from being wavy.” Bindings “ Here you will learn the steps to that beautiful hand sewn binding and you won’t see the stitches!” Backs  “ How much do you need, how to cut your leftovers and piece them in to save fabric and get your back ready?” Oh yea, Kathie has your Back! (ok, I couldn’t resist that one.)

Chunk of the Month   Taught by Cheryl Wallin

1st Saturday of each month @ 10 am. (6 month class).
Cost:  Pattern, First month and the last two months plus your focus fabric.
This is a beautiful quilt and you choosing you own focus fabric truly makes it your own. We provide the rest of the fabric needed for your block. You don’t make just one block per month, you will make a chunk of the quilt top per month. This class is instructional, your sewing is done at home.

Block of the Month   Taught by Everybody's Favorite Teacher

First Saturday of each month @ 1:00 and 1:30
Cost   $85.00 includes book and fabric
This year we are doing our Quilt out of the brand new book El’s Kitchen. The fabric line we have chosen is Avalon by Moda. Each month you will learn how to do the next block and as long as you have finished your last month’s block, and you attend the class and bring your finished block to class, you will get your next block for free. The fabric is beautiful and the quilt is sooooo cute. You will also get tips and tricks and a few giggles as well. This is a 30 minute class.

Landscape Quilts         Taught by Jen Hinwood

Class   May 4th or June 1st
 From 10 am – 5 pm
Cost $50.00
This is an all-day Event where you will be taught this unique technique on paper piecing. Then everyone will make the same design (fabric and design will be provided). Then everyone will make the pattern of their choice. This class has to be paid for in advance as lunch will be catered. Snacks will also be provided. You will bring your sewing machine and the fabric of your choice and your pattern. In this class you won’t just be piecing, you will be creating a work of art!

Lone Star Quilt    Taught by Gail Rokus

May 10 From 10-5
Cost $60.00
Have you ever looked at the Lone Star Quilts and thought…That’s beautiful, but way too hard for me to do. Well not any more. Gail will show you how to make this quilt in the easiest way possible and all your seams will line up perfectly and no cutting out of those pesky diamonds. Also the use of the Accu- cutter will be provided. Yes, stripping is involved. Strip Piecing that is. More fun fast quilting techniques to learn

Till next time,

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