Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Do you get together with friends and sew on a regular basis? Well I sure hope you do, because it is super fun. Nothing like good friends, good food and the icing on the cake......Sewing.

I went last night to sew with friends. They get together as least once a week, OK, so I don't get there that often, but when I do it is the best time ever! I didn't sew but I did get a quilt all cut out "BONUS". For me the cutting is the worst part, it's the sewing and pressing and watching it come together, that I love most. Truth be told.....the binding is my least favorite part of the process and yes I still do it by hand. (My daughter would call that OLD SCHOOL).

My friend Sandy crocheted around a flannel blanket that is a baby shower gift. This was on her " I Darn Well Better Get This Done List." Roseo was piecing her first quilt EVER! Rhoda and Debra got a quilt loaded on the long arm for quilting. Debra made it and was it ever cute. I totally need to figure out how to add pictures to this blog so I can share with you. Rhoda showed us a quilt she just finished quilting, Oh My...Beautiful. The quilt I cut out will be finished and on display at Thimbles and Threads. Leesa didn't come, but we are on a quest to get her with us.

Now you might be saying to yourselves.."I wanna sew with friends too." OH, and trust me should be saying that to yourselves.

Come on over to Thimbles and Threads the third Friday of every month and come sew with us for FREE . We have the best time. Bring your friends, come make new ones. Around here, your only NEW once. After that, your family. We eat, we laugh, we sew, we share. It's just what we do.

OH, FYI. If you haven't tried Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies and Cinnamon Jelly Bellies. Give it a try. Yummmmmm. Plus, eat them together. Another Yummmmmm .

Till next time,

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