Thursday, July 4, 2013

Christmas in July

Hello Everyone,
Boy oh boy has it been hot or what? Stick a fork in me I'm done! If you get our emails then you know this is the inspiration behind our Christmas in July sale. We have nine New Christmas lines in and we unveiled them this morning . Yep, we had a cover over them. No sneaky peeks! :-) We also have two more lines still coming this month. One is a beautiful flannel line and it is lushes. Another is a Christmas Batik line and boy is it pretty. Leesa and I just couldn't resist when we saw it. It is new and fun and fresh. What's not to love.

This is Moda's New Christmas line. It has Snowman Heads and Stars and , well come and see. Super cute and Country and Primitive. As you can see, Dark blue and tan and beige. First customer in the door this morning asked if we had any Moda Christmas. I showed her and Yep, she took her share home with her , she added a touch of red as well. I can hardly wait for that show and tell.
 How cute are these Santas? We do have a quilt on it's way to completion using this line and yes we will have kits available when the quilt arrives back from the quilter!
 This is a Twelve Days of Christmas Panel. The entire line is fun and bright and oh so Christmasy. I am totally making a little something out of this line. And yes, there will be kits when it is done. I will let you all know when all the kits are ready.

 We have a nice line of Christmas miniatures. The detail is really nice on these. There is a quilt book showing right  above the line on the table. OK so I am no photographer, Leesa has so gotta teach me the art of achieving a great picture. Anyway, this fabric line is perfect for that quilt . Come judge for yourselves. Oh and while the cat is out of the bag....I kinda stink at spelling as well. Ohhhh so grateful for spell check! 
 I had a friend tell me she had had a difficult time finding candy cane fabric this year.  Well how cute is this line? And in a row no less!
 This is an Angel Advent calender and she is precious. We in stock  these battery operated lights and you can insert them into the panel so that it lights up. 
 This is another advent calender and the entire line is adorable.
  This line has built in bling! There is a Christmas Tree in Red or you could choose the Green color way. This line is from Northcott and it is the Stonehenge Christmas Collection. This line is what the battery operated lights were meant for. Oh so Sparkly!

Ok, I just had to share. Dan brought this quilt in today and it is so darn cute. Picture above, and this is the fabric line. Yes, this line is on sale today only. It is a Batik and it is 20% off.  Oh my gosh, is that fireworks of excitement I see and hear? You would think it was the 4th of July, Oh yea, it is the 4th of July.  Well Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Till next time,

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