Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Have you ever seen

Hello Everyone,
Have you ever seen something or smelled something or even tasted something that triggered a memory? Well I did just the other day. We finally got in the last of the long awaited remaining Christmas fabric. And by the way, one of the lines we got in is Flannel and it is quilt stunning, called Crazy for Christmas by Maywood.

Any way two other Christmas fabric lines arrived also (Winter Games and Susybee Christmas Collection), and this is where my memory was triggered. Winter Games has sledding and snowboarding and just stuff you do in the snow. Susybee's Christmas has Sheep with Christmas scarfs on, well I will post a picture.

The Summer before my eighth grade year, we moved to Idaho from California. When Winter hit, boy oh boy was that a new experience for me. "SNOW" I found it quite amazing! One day after school Helen, Phillip, Scott, Marcia and Marsha invited me to go tubing with them. Yea I'll go, "What's tubing?" " Just dress real warm, we have extra tubes, we'll show ya". said Helen. So I layered up. I don't remember how many pairs of socks I put on, with a couple pairs of jeans over that, three or four sweaters and a coat, stocking hat, gloves, boots and I was set. I could hardly move, but I was set. (I'm thinking the puffy sheep in the Christmas fabric reminded me of how I felt in all those clothes.) The group came and got me and handed me a tube and we started walking east and out of town. The snow was up to our knees and it took some effort (most especially in the garb I was wearing. I have wondered if the group I was with wondered if I had literally put on everything in my closet.) I did question just how far out of town were we going? Not far they said.....we are going to the "HILL".

You know how in small towns they have names for things and places and everyone just knows what your talking about? Well the "Hill" was one of those. Thinking back, on our trek to the "Hill", we passed Helen's house. I recall Helen's mom asking where we were going and Helen's reply was: Oh just to the "Hill" . Her mom knew just where she meant. Not me, I looked around and there were hills everywhere. I knew enough to just follow the group!

Before  too long we arrived at the "HILL". The others started walking out into a field and I followed. Can I just take a second to mention I swear the winters were harder back then. I remember way more snow than we get now. Anyway, walking out into this field we had to walk a bit more east, then is when you realized the drop.  This was "THE HILL" Everything was covered in a couple feet of snow and no one had tubed the "Hill" as  yet. We were were going to be the first. It was a pretty decent slope to the bottom with a little creek wiggling through it, then the ground rose up again as there was a hill on the other side, kind of like a gully. I asked "How do you do this tubing thing?" Ok, so you could see the wonder in their faces of "Who in the heck doesn't know how to tube?" I'm not trying to be a dork here, but this is all new to me. "Just set the tube down near the edge, sit on it, give yourself a push, Oh just watch us." I wondered if we would just slide right on up the other side, but I was assured it got kinda flat at the bottom before the creek so you don't go up the other side, plus the creek would stop you. Well that felt better and safer. Then Scott hollered," If you are going real fast, be sure to roll off the tube at the bottom or you will fly into the water and it's cold".

A daredevil I am not, but I hopped on that tube, I gave it a push and away I flew. Snow flying in my face, screams of joy, tummy tickling, oh my gosh, it was the best time ever. Whom ever invented tubing was a genius! I so loved these friends for including me in this great fun. OK so the hike back up the "hill" wasn't so much fun especially in the closet full of clothing I was wearing, but anything was worth it to experience that again. Before long it was dark and time to head for home. I remember grabbing my tube and following the others as we crossed the field and back to the road to head west for home. I stopped for a moment and looked behind me at the "HILL" with the snow sparkling in the moonlight, the sky so crisp and clear and full of winter stars. Now I knew why every one knew about this place and no other description was needed. It's the place where memories were made.

We will be ending the month with a revisit to "Christmas in July Sale" only this time Christmas fabric will be 25% off. So come on in and make a memory, while your here......please share one! I did!

Till next time,

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