Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Open Sew and Giggly Girls

Hello Everyone,
I sure hope all of you had a great weekend and you celebrated National Quilting Day creating your most favoriteist quilt EVER! Coupled with St. Patrick's Day........Oh my gosh, you even had the luck of the Irish on your side. AND Friday was pie day, Thus a perfect weekend.  What's not to love Right?

On Friday I sewed with friends after work, we had a yummy dinner and yes I brought PIE!!! We had the best time ever. Sewing and watching the movie Ever After. (Sew darn cute.) and visiting. Maybe I should mention "All at the same time!" I haven't  laughed that hard in a long time. I don't know if any of us have laughed that hard in a long time. I nearly finished my quilt top, had great food, laughed my self silly and watched the girl get the Prince. Awesome huh?

This Friday is Open Sew night. Sew come on over for a fun night of sewing, eating, sharing , laughing and might I mention it's a great stress reliever, "much cheaper than therapy!" AND we will provide a quick little Easter sewing project that we will make during Open Sew.

Speaking of Easter, it is just around the corner and we really have some cute Easter fabric in stock. The Bunny panel in the picture has some squares in it that are perfect for making an Easter Basket. We have one made in the store for you to see.

You see the squares along the bottom? Perfect for the basket and the Bunny at the top. Wouldn't that make a great pillow? Then you could still use the center of the panel for a quilt or wall hanging. Super cute!

If any of you are wondering about the new building, well I think the old saying of " a watched pot never boils" applies here. I think I just may be watching too much. Soooo now I will pretend not to watch.......just keep a bare tab out of the corner of my eye. THEN maybe something will happen. I think this  calls for an old game I used to play with my cousin. Sneek-um Weak- um Beak-um.  I'll keep you posted......

Till next time,

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