Monday, November 25, 2013

Customer Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving ! Turkey day is just around the corner and if your like "HAVE" to remember to get that bird out of the freezer and into the refrigerator so it can thaw in time. I write this now....but will I get sidetracked when I get home? That could be a problem for sure.
 Maybe I need to be like Uncle Billy in "It's a Wonderful life" and tie a string around my finger. But I guess then I would have to remember what the string was for. Life can be full of challenges.........

Not much has happened across the street since we talked last time. We are still waiting for the next approval from Draper City. I'll keep you posted for sure.

Next week the voting starts on our Customer Quilt Show and boy do we have some awesome quilts to display. Just so you know, you will be able to vote on Facebook as well. Come take a look and vote, Crazy Good! A great big SHOUT OUT AND SNAPS, to everyone that entered.

As you can see, Amazing and this is just a sampling. Next week they will be on display and you can come vote! Yippie!

Also, Saturday is support your local Small Business Day. Seeeeeeew ..... We are having a sale. All fabric in the clearance room will be $5.99 or less. Now that's a deal! Perfect time to stock up for Christmas Sewing and Quilt backs. Let's not forget Clearance Room fat quarters are only $1.50 each.

Here's a little tidbit.  If your the cook for Turkey Day you might want to try this..Mashed Potatoes that you can make a couple days in advance. Sure frees up time on Thanksgiving Day. Might I also add, just yummy. The Recipe can be found on line at "The  Pioneer Woman Cooks" just google it. They are called "Perfect Mashed Potatoes". I just pop them in the oven with the rolls and out comes warm potatoey goodness. (That might not be a word, yet you know what I mean.)

Our Winter Class lists are almost ready. We will have them available for our Winter Workshop Saturday December 14,2013. This is a make it take it workshop. We will have a variety of items to make. Great friend / neighbor gift giving. Nancy will be teaching a belt that I know my granddaughters will love and we will have a bracelet that is so darn cute. These will be quick 40 minute classes. Come in after Thanksgiving and get signed up so we will have your kits ready for you! It's gonna be Sew Much Fun  . Kind of a little something for everyone.

Do we have a Kit or a book or notions (maybe your cutting mat needs to be replaced), come on in. Santa's little Elves will help you with your wish list. Then any friend or family  "Husband"can come in and purchase for you. It's a win win. They don't have to second guess and you get just what your little heart desires. Almost as good as a personal shopper....Whew.....far and wide the whispers in the Christmas Air will be "My work here is Done".

Till next time,

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